Valley Rally 2021 Postponement


We had hoped to be able to run this year’s rally as it was scheduled for after restrictions were due to be lifted by the government in mid-June 2021.

However, after careful consideration, following the recent UK governments announcements and the release of the guidance documents relating to the current roadmap, we see no option but to make the decision to postpone the Valley Rally until 2022.


Why have we made this decision now?

We’ve always been committed to working within government guidelines to organise and create events to the best of our ability and we did not want to postpone before we had a clear need to do so. With the uncertainty over social distancing and vaccination passports along with current Covid risk assessments required by the local councils relating to larger events we have decided unfortunately that we have no option other than postponement.


What will happen to your tickets?

Our plan is to postpone the event until June 2022, and we would like to automatically transfer your ticket to the new date.  If this isn’t an option for you, please drop us a message via email to


We will now start planning for a bigger, better rally in 2022 and will confirm details as soon as we have a clear indication on social distancing, vac-passport etc for next year.

Best regards,
Thames Valley Chapter Committee