Steps to register yourself on the Thames Valley Chapter website



1. You will need to be a paid up member of the chapter

2. Click on the ??Sign In?? button as the first step


3. For a new registration please only fill in details on right section of the site page


4. Fill in all the required details, make sure to use CAPITALS for your HOG member number e.g. BG1234567

5. You can select the option to ??send these credentials via email?? but tis is not a requirement

6. Once completed click the ??REGISTER?? button

7. Note that once this is done you will NOT be able to login to the site until you have received a confirmation e-mail from the Webmaster as this is a manual process please allow up to 48 hours

8. Once you receive the confirmation you can now only access the left-hand side of the site page

9. Once you receive the confirmation from the Webmaster you can now enter your HOG membership number and the password you created during your registration process.

10. Click ??LOG IN?? and this will log you into the site where you will now see access to additional links on the web, example: chapter magazine