I started riding motorbikes back in my teens, my first ever powered two-wheeler experience was aged fourteen, riding a mate?s old non road legal Honda step through down an alleyway. When I was sixteen, I managed to talk my Dad into signing the paperwork for a Honda SS50 ?Sports? moped on the basis I needed it to get to work when I left school. I had this for six months and did my first tour from south London to Exmoor and back for a week fully loaded with camping gear and a tent. That was replaced when I turned seventeen with a Suzuki TS 125 trail bike which seemed scarily fast. After a few months I put in for my test and got a full licence by riding round the block without falling off ? it was a bit easier in those days. I had a series of Japanese bikes into my late twenties when family commitments meant a bike wasn?t practical or financially sensible. Fast forward to about nine years ago and I decided to buy a Triumph Bonneville as I couldn?t afford one first time round. It was a great bike but not what I was really expecting so I traded it for a Harley and never looked back. After a Dyna, a Sportster and two Softails I?m now on my second Tourer, a Road King Special which ticks all the boxes for me. I also love the social side of Harley ownership and feel privileged to be Director of the Thames Valley Chapter. John Green