Mohit Khanna

Hi I am Mohit Khanna (called Dr Rock), editor of TVHOG since Jan 2019. I started riding mopeds and scooters since I was in school and university in India. My first proper two wheeler was a Bajaj Chetak 5 gear scooter in 1984! While growing up in India, I always wanted to get a motorcycle but was never allowed one, as it was thought to be very dangerous. In 2006, I got myself a Yamaha Avenger before getting a used Bullet (Royal Enfield) in 2008. In 2013 I got myself the new Enfield classic 500, as that was all I could afford, even though I always drooled over any Harley that I saw; I still have this Enfield. In 2017 after an accidental click over a Harley advert, I was cornered by Jason (then sales at Reading HD), to test ride a Road King, but I ended up with my first and the current Streetglide special, which is now heavily customized, according to my wife and the insurance company! I absolutely love this bike and will probably never part with it! As editor of the magazine, I am after articles, stories and photos from every club member, as the contributions made by readers keep the magazine going?