David Kennedy

Dealer Principal
I am the Dealer Principal / Head of Business for Reading Harley-Davidson, the home of Thames Valley Chapter. We have been in operation since 2015, and I have had pleasure of looking after the team since July 2019. My biking experience started in the late 80?s with a Honda Revere ? a v-twin back then, so I clearly knew my path! Going through the plastic rocket phase, I owned many sports bikes and had the pleasure of looking after my first motorcycle dealership in 1999. I have had a long and successful career in the Automotive world with many brands including Tesla, BMW and Mitsubishi, and been at Dealer Manager level since 1997. I joined Harley in 2006 looking after 3 businesses in the midlands, falling for the best brand in the world then! I encourage the Reading team to always be open and supportive, so in true spirit of that, if I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me directly, David.kennedy@lind.co.uk or 07375373469. Look forward to catching up in-store or out on the road.