Dear Chapter Member

With all the exciting news of lockdown release and our impending freedom, now is the time to renew your chapter membership. We are (for another year) holding fees again at the same level for new members.


Single membership (a single rider): £28 per year

Family membership (a rider with a partner / family member): £36 per year

That’s amazing value for a chapter that’s renowned as one of the most active and friendliest in England. Our recent rides of 6 have been a great success and with what we have planned this year, there has never been a better time to take all your freedom and ride, ride, ride!

As we have recently mentioned, for renewing members who were fully paid up for 2020, and as a thank you for sticking with it throughout the pandemic, we are halving your renewal fee, which looks like this:

Renewing Single membership (a single rider) : £14 per year

Renewing Family membership (a rider with a partner / family member) : £18 per year

We have also made renewing your membership simpler. As long as none of your details have changed, you only have you sign and date the HOG RELEASE (disclaimer) for the new riding year May 1 2021 to 30 April 2022. No more filling out pages of forms, having to look up your HOG Membership number or remembering your HOG expiry date. We do all that for you.

Please note that if any of your details have changed (address, telephone number, email etc) you must complete the full new members form.

We have also made paying simpler.

Cheque: Whilst you can still pay in by cheque this costs us in time and fees so we would prefer payment on line by bank transfer directly to the chapter account:

Bank Transfer: Thames Valley UK Chapter          Sort code: 60-13-35        Account number: 86837605  Please insert your initials and surname as the reference (this is important for us to match the payment to you).  If you can also email to confirming you have paid that would be very helpful.

At the Dealership: You can also pay by debit card, directly to Kirsty. Please remember to bring your completed membership form.


Remember we will need your re-enrolment form in any case to track payment.

Thanks for your continued support of Thames Valley Chapter – your committee are working hard to make our membership the best. Watch out for the new merchandise coming your way really soon….


TV Member renewal and declarations 2021